National Bankruptcy Day


The heavens haven’t opened and rained fire today; the stay mitigated some effects which is in some ways, unfortunate, putting off for tomorrow that which will surely pass. The day will be all but seamless to consumers. However, over the coming months, I have little doubt consumers will increasingly complain there is little choice and selection in children’s products. They can’t buy things they took for granted such as replacement parts for bicycles. Prices will increase and product choices will decrease; even among used items. Unfortunately, consumers will look at the “evidence” on store shelves and blame manufacturers for being cheap and greedy. Consumers won’t know to blame the special interest groups behind this law, and since they certainly can’t blame all the manufacturers who went out of business, they’ll just blame what few remain standing. It all started with this law folks. If you’re a manufacturer, you can’t win. You just won’t.

No one expects this matter of the stay to rest unchallenged so we may be up and at it sooner rather than later. And that my friends, could be a very good thing.

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Kathleen Fasanella

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  1. “No one expects this matter of the stay to rest unchallenged so we may be up and at it sooner rather than later. And that my friends, could be a very good thing”

    Elaborate, please? What are we all to do beyond calling our senators and telling them to support Sen. DeMint’s reforms?

  2. i am still encouraging folks to sign the petition to repeal.

    this is still an effective course of action, isn’t it?

    well, maybe not “effective”, but you know what i mean LOL

  3. Quick question:

    Has anyone noticed that anything actually changed yesterday (the 10th)?

    I went around to various thrift stores and such in my area, and nothing has changed. Most people that I talked to seemed aware of the law – they just didn’t care at all. They were still accepting childrens clothing and toys, and still selling everything.

    I didn’t look at the local library to see if anything was different there (that will be today if I get time).

    And yes, I know the plural of “anecdote” is not “data”, but I’m curious. 🙂

  4. I know there was someplace where, unfortuantely, a thrift store ddi throw out all the published-before -1985 books. That was painful to hear.

  5. I think many businesses are looking at this like the law in Missouri that threatens 30 days in jail for the sale of imitation butter (and all those other ridiculous laws on the books). Its kind of hard to believe it will be enforced as broadly as it is written, ridiculous to anyone who has stopped to think about it. If the alternative is losing all profitability and going out of business, its easy to imagine small businesses just sticking their heads in the sand and hoping it won’t be enforced against them. Maybe it won’t, but the six figure fines and jail time are hard to just ignore.

  6. I read the February 12, 2009 letter from U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky to Kathleen Fasanella criticizing Kathleen’s position on CPSIA.

    Jan Schakowsky is a hypocrite.

    For example, she rants about lack of integrity among various of her contemporaries, but forgets to mention that her husband is presently serving time in the Terra Haute Federal penitentiary for bank fraud.

    She takes hard stands on politically correct issues and always takes a soft stand on voter-sensitive issues.

    Ignore her…she is a stereotypical Chicago political fraud…in the Daley-Obama-Blagojevich-Burris mold.

    Michael Leigh

  7. This law has decimated the Motorcross and ATV industry. My child cant ride a new motorcycle. I cant buy him the protective riding gear he needs, no boots no helmets. What can be done to get this law stopped? I am writing to all members of the government I can.

  8. I don’t believe it’s any accident that whenever our ‘representatives’ pass laws in our name it ALWAYS seems to hinder, bind, obstruct, divide, and generally destroy the fabric of our American society, all-the-while leaving the door wide open to the standardless profiteers whom the laws were passed against in the first place…….China!
    In fact, I sincerely doubt any facet of this law was intended for any entity beyond the borders of the USA. It was likely crafted expressly for the purpose of that which it’s accomplishing…….the fragmentation & ultimate destruction of the American Industrial foundation, one cottage industry brick at a time.
    Our unscrupulous ‘representatives’ are the ones who spawned this beast (yet again, in our name, for our good) with every sort of free-trade-fast-track scheme imaginable that they now claim to “protect”? us from!
    They specifically manufactured this problem & now rush to pass legislation that litterally throws this baby (& future babies) out with the bathwater!
    That representative arachnid who spun this legislation is also the one who’s constantly spinning endless schemes to rid law abiding citizens of thier 2nd Amendment rights!……and for this very reason! Recall for a moment, your history from school days, the English royalty’s endless taxes, stamps, laws, edicts, proclamations, summons’s, tarriffs, duties, threats, intimidations, & outright bullyings…….& now fast-forward to the time frame of 1976 to now.
    That beast is hungry…….was born hungry, and cannot be satisfied with all the power & money of the entire world!
    The beast is a beast…….it’s only capable of being what it is. John Wayne Gayce once dressed up in a clown suit to ‘entertain’ his target victimes, but he was still a beast…….and was eventually put down by force…….just like every beast should be.

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