Activism: Congress

This is feel-good legislation among Congress that passed 424 to 1.

While we applaud the actions of Congress and the CPSC to provide greater protection for our children, the process and implementation of the rules and regulations are simply untenable putting more of us out of business at a time the economy can least weather it.

This page will be updated with suggested activities for concerned consumers and businesses.

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Kathleen Fasanella

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7 thoughts on “Activism: Congress”

  1. there are thousands of children’s resale stores in this country that will go out of business over night if this law stays in place. in these terrible financial times, more and more parents are being forced to turn to resale clothing for their children. this will have a snowball effect that will only worsen the already grim outlook for our financial system.

  2. This is not fare to those small business’s that are trying to stay in business and help those families that cannot afford to buy new. I feel if there’s a question in the purchase of an item aconsumers bought they can go online and check it out.(or don’t buy it) How many times have we bought something NEW only to find out it’s bad.Don’t make us all suffer just because there might have been a few bad items, don’t pass this law!!!

  3. Low income families like mine DEPEND on consignment shops to cloth our children. If you enforce this law, hundreds of thousands of people will be affected. Not just the small business owners, but parents as well. Michigan’s economy is bad enough as it is…this will only make it FAR worse!

  4. Leave the used clothing for children alone! In these dire economic times, I cannot believe you would even think of passing a law like this! I will note which congress persons vote for something as stupid as this!

  5. My wife and I own a childrens clothing business. It pays our bills and put food on the table for us and our daughter.
    If this passes it will severly damage our income.

    Do not let this pass

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