The title of this site was inspired by Rick Woldenberg’s clever — and accurate — verbiage drawn from his testimony at the “Lead Meeting” of November 6, 2008 (videos). While we enjoy warm collegial relations, none of the material on this site — other than direct quotes — are to be construed as representing his opinions. Any errors, omissions and opinions are my own.

This site isn’t about me but since so many have asked, I’m Kathleen Fasanella, author of The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing and owner of Fashion-Incubator. While I do not make children’s products myself, at least a third of my 8,000 daily visitors do. I mention the motivation for my activism because many special interest groups claim I am involved at the behest of “large toy manufacturers.” Allow me to assure you I am not and in fact, do not know any. As it happens, I was concerned that no one knew about CPSIA so I began to publish information about the law in our forum last July, going public on Fashion-Incubator the first week of November, the first such site to do so. I do not deny that I and my members orchestrated the first public information campaign across forums and web sites to spread the word but we had no connection to the toy industry until very recently.

You should be able to locate resources and information from the column at right. In the event you need more assistance, please don’t hesitate to email me. I can be reached by phone at (575) 525-1577 MST. One last option is to follow me on Twitter or use the #cpsia hash tag.

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